Sunday, 1 June 2014

Where Have you Been?

      Regent Street Store

      Bath Store

  So my life lately has been pretty darn busy! I haven't even had time to read other blogs let alone update mine...I thought I'd give you a little update to what I have been up too lately which is A LOT! I started my new job a month ago now (it's gone super fast!) at Anthropologie as Visual Apparel Merchandiser which has been amazing. I'm loving it and even better the team of people I'm working with are awesome. Can't wait to be more creative in my job. It began with 2 weeks in London and then 2 weeks setting up our new store in Bath doing 12 hour days...oh I feel tired again even talking about it! As much as people would moan about being in work for that amount of time I actually loved every single minute of it. Saying that, doing 8-8 everyday and not getting into the house until 9.00pm every night, there was no foreseeable way of squeezing in a blog post!

  Can't wait to get back to all the blogness. Just didn't want people thinking I had disappeared! If you live near Bath /Bristol make sure you come and see the new store. In the mean time, here are a few snaps I have taken throughout the adventure.

      Kingsroad Store

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

In With The Old

Coat - Topshop, Top - Reiss, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Dune, Bag - Urban Outfitters, fedora - Whistles 

  So, in my last post I may have wrote that I was heading over to Amsterdam for a few days...Unfortunately we didn't get to go as I had an interview to attend and it was for pretty much my dream job so that came first buttttt I ONLY WENT AND GOT IT EEEEE! I am very happy to tell you that I'll be an Apparel Visual for the new Anthropologie store in Bath - I cannot wait to start! All very excited at the moment and not going on hoilday was an excellent call in the end.

  Back to the outfit anyhoo - I love wearing items that I haven't worn in about a year or so. After a clear out of my wardrobe I noticed my Reiss top that I had competely forgotten about...well not so anymore, I can't stop wearing it all over again! 

  I love jeans, so easy to wear and always super comfy. As I have so many of them now (coat obsession has now turned into denim obsession) I grabbed my old, knackered ones that were ready for the bin and started carving away with the scissors! You can't really see in these photos as I'm standing so straight but ripping them apart at the knees and creating extra holes gave my jeans a new home in the wardrobe instead of the dustbin! 

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Little Red Corvette

What & Where?

Jacket - Topshop, Jumper - American Apparel, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop ,
Sunglasses - RayBan

Oh hey blog,  hows it going? It seems like it's been a while but I'm back! I feel like I haven't posted in ages as I've had so much going on with new projects / life in general so sadly I did have to neglect Taz and Bear for a few weeks but fear not, lots of posts ready to publish!

How amazing has the weather been lately? It's so nice not having to layer up with about 3 jumpers & a thick coat on. My Leopard print jacket (sorry, I think it's featured on this blog quite a lot already!) is so perfect to slip on as its so light - plus I can't get enough of it, best buy of last year I think!

In other news it's the Company Blogger Awards soon and for the first time I thought I'd put it up on zee blog! If you'd like to vote for Taz and Bear I would be super duper grateful! It's really easy & it wouldn't take long at all - massive thank you if you do decide to vote!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hey Spring

What & Where?

Jumper - Topshop | Skirt - Topshop | Trainers - Nike 

So, my last outfit post I was basically trying to stand still on a pier, trying to not get blown away... A few weeks later and it seems there is somewhat of a yellow disk in the clear blue sky?
Spring is here !!

Perhaps I was a little overwhelmed by the sun being out and not having a coat on...errrr it wasn't that warm! But my croc jumper finally felt right to wear just due to the fact that is was white! It's super comfy and soft but I instantly fell in love with the croc texture on the front which you can't really see in these photos unfortunately. Pretty much most of my outfit is Topshop with my quilted skirt (I say mine...I may have taken it from my sisters wardrobe oops). I had been after it since it came out but one good thing about having a sister who is the same size as you is that you can borrow or in this case take it teehee! Not brave enough to get out those pasty white legs just yet, so the tights are still on - maybe soon eh?...or not until I've had a summer hoilday ha! 

In other news, I am going on a short little city break to Amsterdam in a few weeks. Places to visit are all welcome! Do let me know if you've been, would love to hear! 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Grand Pier

What & Where?

Coat - M&S
Jeans - M&S
Bag- Longchamp
Trainers  - Nike
Bobble Hat- H&M

I'm still unsure how I wasn't blown away on this adventure. It was so windy that you couldn't even walk around it...but no silly us still wanted to go on it and have a mooch around! Only living 30mins away from Weston you can imagine I spent many childhood weekends on the pier but here's the part where I tell you I haven't even been on it since it burnt down. So naturally the big kid in me went crazy on the 10p machines... even if I did only win a maoam bar which was most likely over 12 years old errrr nice! 

I got my biker coat just before Christmas (I do remember telling you all of this short-lived obsession...oops)  however, before the festive season I had searched and searched for one, until just my luck I found one in M&S, the last place I thought it would be. Worn with a classic stripey tee -  my super old Longchamp backpack and my new found jegging love - yep, funnily enough M&S too! I normally stick to Topshop jeans as I know they fit me perfectly, yet hearing all the rave reviews for  M&S jeggings being compared to the Topshop Leigh jeans I thought I'd give it a whirl! Cheaper and thicker, without even trying them on, I bought them and can safely say, they all fit like a dream. I still love the good old toppyshoppy ones but they're one to try out for sure!

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Optique / London Retro Giveaway

So here it is, my first ever blog giveaway! 

Myoptique are kindly offering the chance for you to win your very own pair of London Retro Glasses! 

You can either have your frames as a plain pair of glasses, add your own prescription or have them as sunglasses like me.

To enter, use rafflecopter below and Like Myoptique's Facebook Page and leave a comment on their wall saying 'Enter Taz and Bear's giveaway' - easy or what? Each pair of frames are worth £79 so make sure to head over to the website and choose your favourites here !

Giveaway will close midnight (UK TIME) on Sunday 9th March and the winner will be picked at random. I will announce the winner on this post & via my twitter account - make sure to leave your contact details below and let me know which one's you fancy - Good Luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winter Florals

What & Where  

Coat - Topshop / sold out 
Jumper - Zara
 Glasses  - c/o Myoptique
Belt - Urban Outfitters / old
Skirt - ASOS
Boots - Topshop
Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company

Opening that wardrobe door and choosing an outfit for the day is somehow quite a challenge with this on/off - rain/cold/sun weather we're having at the moment but somehow my midi skirt is a no brainer! Tights or without tights, pumps, trainers or boots it finally seems appropriate to wear florals in the crappy weather - hell yeaaaa, thank god for winter florals! I bought this as a little treat to myself before christmas, to wear to my cousins wedding but didn't even end up wearing it but I have no regrets buying it, mainly for the colours, perfect for winter and spring...even summer!

Finally having that one day of sun, I couldn't wait to wear my London Retro Bailey Lt Tort sunglasses from Myoptique. Oh my, what a beautiful range it is. Very kindly they let me choose a London Retro pair either as prescription or sunglasses...sunnys all the way in my case, I just can't wait for summer & i've already got glasses that are prescription so it kinda made sense to get the sunglasses! But hey, guess what, Myoptique are letting one of my readers win a pair of London Retro prescription glasses or sun glasses of their choice! Worth £79 its a pretty good deal. Stay tuned, will host my giveaway this Sunday!!! So for now take a peek at their website here and go see what London Retro glasses you'd like.

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